Aesthetic Services

Botox/Dysport and fillers ($250 per area for skin smoothers and $650 for per syringe for fillers).
Ask about combination discounts!

Administered in a clean environment with OSHA and HIPAA standards just like you would expect from a medical facility.

Dr. Tesa’s doctor of dental surgery degree has taught her overall facial beauty and symmetry along with pain control techniques. Getting a Botox injection feels like having an eyebrow hair plucked!

Botox products minimizes oil production (and therefore breakouts too!).

Fillers are injected to add volume to areas like lips and the deep fold around the lips. They can also add volume to cheeks.

Botox products are for those who already have wrinkles that they want to minimize and eventually not have the wrinkles that they see everyday (the more you use the product, the less your muscles moves and deepens the wrinkle so your skin can actually heal).

I have been personally using it since I was 23 for preventative treatment for fine lines and wrinkles and to help with minor acne. Its not needs as much or as often when done preventatively.

Botox products can take as little as a 10 minute appointment.

Trained in injection techniques.

Practice in full support of the companies that manufacture dermal fillers.

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