Children Dental Procedures

Children love Dr. Tesa! She knows parents want their child to have a great experience so that they will not to be scared. Dr. Tesa uses the Tell- Show- Do method when treating children. Child-friendly words are used to explain what to expect which eases anxiety.  A first visit will consist of pictures of the teeth, counting teeth with a cute, little mirror and then checking the mouth for “cavity bugs”, “frogs” and “marbles”!
(Adult translation: X-rays, Exam with mirror and explorer to check for missing teeth, cavities, tumors under the tongue and around the mouth. )
And of course parents are allowed to be a part of the fun too! 
Four letter words are never allowed at the office including S-H-O-T. If a child does need to be numb to have dental work there is a special way to do that so they do not experience what most people find the scariest part of going to the dentist. First, Dr. Tesa uses a flavored numbing gel with three strong numbing ingredients. It’s made in small batches at a local pharmacy just for her office! Laughing gas is given in a bright colored squishy mask worn on the nose. The mask flavors the laughing gas bubblegum, strawberry, or orange. The numbing medicine that is put under the gum tissue is also unique because she mixes it into a solution that makes it less acidic which means no stingy/ouchy feeling! 
Children should visit the dentist as soon as they have the first tooth! It’s important for the parent to accompany the child so that tips and tricks can be given to help your child stay cavity free!
Dr. Tesa’s gentle techniques, child friendly atmosphere and friendly staff will make you very happy that you chose her as your child’s dentist.
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